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Lacort medical is committed to offering unique services in the organization and execution of successful scientific and medical events, implementing the appropriate strategy, communication and attention to detail, based on specific international target markets.

Scientific and Medical Events

We offer professional services to create world class corporate medical events. Whether you want a comprehensive event management package that covers logistics, marketing, and setup, or just one individual component from our service offering.

Congresses - Satellite Symposiums

Successful Symposiums consists of a thousand details, but we have walked it time and time again. If you are looking for an expert to help you organise a great symposium, we would be pleased to offer you our knowledge, our enthusiasm and our particular attention.

Virtual Conferencing Platform

We produce professional medical international Congresses through our state-of-the-art virtual conferencing platforms. A virtual congress will provide your organization with international and global exposure, reaching medical professionals around the world, and offering the scientific community a portal for dissemination, and educational remote initiatives. Gain international global access from any device and platforms to meet the demands of both doctors and supporters with live and on-demand video presentations. We organize hybrid virtual-physical medical society conferences European CFC Accreditation

  • Scientific events: Workshops, Symposiums, Congresses.

  • Event strategy solutions.

  • Scientific Websites: Design-Development.

  • Project Management.

  • Scientific Dissemination.

  • Video Producing, Streaming, Scientific events coverage.

  • Live Video Streaming Platforms.

  • Virtual Conferencing Platform.

  • Scientific associations, dissemination strategies. 

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