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"It is an honor to collaborate with Lacort, a company that shows great interest in teaching and updating Spanish-speaking doctors, as well as in disseminating the latest medical knowledge. On top of this it exhibits equity, diversity, and non-discrimination. The pandemic did not slow down this undertaking. Keep up the good work!"

Dr. Adela Poitevin
Radiation Oncologist 
Médica Sur

"It is an honor and a pleasure for me to share the educational objectives of Lacort Medical for Latin-America and Europe; and the marked effort they have made since its inception to increase knowledge in cancer treatment with health professionals and patients. Cancer treatment has improved dramatically, but with so many new medicines and technologies being approved every day, there is a tremendous need to update cancer professionals, educate them, and familiarize them with new treatments"

Dr. Luis Raez
Medical Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Memorial Cancer Institute
United States

"Lacort Medical is contributing to first-class medical education through virtual and face-to-face meetings held throughout Latin America, with an exquisite selection topics discussed and inclusion of true experts in each discipline."

Dr. Miguel Oller
Mastologist Surgeon
President of the Dominican Society of Mastology
Dominican Republic.

"I do not know how many times I have worked with Lacort Medical, it has now been years where technology, medicine and even the format of conferences have changed due to the COVID 19 pandemic; What is clear is that continuing medical education is increasingly being supported, ensuring that knowledge is shared and always receiving the maximum support from its collaborators."

Dr. Nathalie Del Pilar González Cazaño

Radiotherapist Oncologist - Mastologist
Dominican Republic.

"Dear members of Lacort Medical As president of the Argentine society of cancerology, I express my sincere appreciation to the fabulous organization of the various congresses, conferences and scientific events that we carry out together with your working group. The board of directors unanimously appreciates your professionalism, responsibility and efficiency in each recommended task. I highlight the following qualities of lacort medical: Exquisite organization, Capacity to resolve issues, Great innovation, Extensive use of technology, Detailed and neat, Optimism and enrgetic approach,    Empathy with the different working groups, Sustained growth over time, Multilingual management, Relations with the oncology community in America and Europe. We are proud to work together and we will continue to grow TOGETHER."

Dr. Jorge Ramón Puyol

Sociedad Argentina de Cancerología

"My participation within Lacort Medical congresses has been an enriching experience, it has allowed me to share spaces with outstanding colleagues and it has undoubtedly been a great opportunity to be able to maintain a continuing medical education program, even in times of adversity."


Dr. Tannia Soria

Medical Oncologist

Head of Department of Clinical and Clinical Oncology Hospital SOLCA

Quito, Ecuador

"Lacort Medical is developing excellent educational and updating work in the Oncology Area throughout Latin America. The efficiency and organizational capacity of both face-to-face and virtual meetings is remarkable. For the Argentine Society of Cancerology, an entity that has been operating since 1947, Lacort has given us an immeasurable scientific contribution, allowing us to reach any place on the planet with our messages."


Prof. Dr. Mario F. Bruno

Medical Oncologist

Vice President of the Argentine Society of Cancerology

Chairman of the AMA Palliative Care Committee

President of the Argentine Society of Medical Journalism

"Since 2018, the Colombian Association of Radiotherapy Oncology ACRO, has worked with Lacort Medical, as a strategic ally in the development, evaluation and participation of national and international academic events, face to face and virtually, in the specific field of radiotherapy, managing to meet one of the main objectives of our association: Promote academic and research development in cancer with emphasis on the application of ionizing radiation. Thank you Lacort Medical for your support."


Dr. Ivan Bobadilla A.

Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Colombian Association of Radiotherapy Oncology - ACRO.

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